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The majority of seniors want to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible, without giving up their freedom and independence. However, as they age, they develop health and mobility issues, which require them to rely on others to help with many of their daily activities. Concierge Senior Service was formed to provide this caring and compassionate assistance to them. With the help of our concierge caregivers, visits between parents and their adult children can be devoted to quality time together rather than having so many responsibilities to worry about.

Our goal is to create an environment for seniors where they can live at home and maintain their privacy, dignity and independence. With help by one of our caring, compassionate, and competent concierge caregivers this can be a reality.

In loving memory of Curtis Obermoller

People want a company that provides the best customer service for ALL the non-medical needs that seniors require as they age. Concierge Senior Service strives to be that company.

A note from the founder, Kristen Dijkstra

In 2013, my father was diagnosed with a debilitating disease. I made the decision to move him here to Georgia, near my family, and become one of his primary caregivers. The time we spent together at the Pooler Senior Center, going to Doctor’s appointments, walking the lake, and helping him with his daily needs are memories I will always cherish. I knew after my father passed away that I wanted to start a business working with and helping seniors. So in 2017, I formed the company known as Concierge Senior Service. My mission for this company became: To provide the best customer service possible through caring, compassionate, and competent caregivers.