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We provide non-medical care for your loved ones.

Some of our services are listed below. Need a service that isn’t listed? Just ask!

Home Care


Pet Care


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Routine bill paying and other routine correspondence. Seniors may not be aware or able to use the online bill paying options provided by most banks, or deal with issues that occur often with bills from service providers like cable and water utilities, or the yard care service.

Teaching your clients how to use their computer, updating software, virus scans, organizing and digitizing photos or music, managing the email inbox, adding software, doing a home inventory for the insurance company or heirs, and digitizing it, help with ipads, tablets and smartphones.

Seniors, and their adult children who live too far away to visit regularly, appreciate having someone call or visit regularly to make sure everything is okay, and if not, being there to help. After each visit, a call or email will be made to whomever requested the visit to let them know that their parent is safe and secure.

De-cluttering and organizing can make it easier to maintain the home, and make it easier for seniors and their family to make a smooth transition to a smaller residence.

We provide care management for seniors when there is no family available or family living in the area.  Seniors or their families may require assistance with scheduling and attending medical appointments.  We can be the family’s eyes and ears to communicate back what transpired at the appointment.

Not everybody likes to shop for groceries, so this is one of the most popular services for a senior concierge. For all those seniors who are too busy or unable to get to the store or just dislike grocery shopping, hiring a personal grocery shopper can be the perfect solution, and one that more and more are choosing.

We provide money management for seniors who are having difficulty managing their personal monetary affairs.  Physical limitations, cognitive impairment, illness, or disability can make the task of paying bills, reconciling bank accounts and managing money difficult.  Great damage can be done when accounts are left unpaid, services are discontinued, insurances lapse, and banking business is ignored.

For many seniors loss of mobility can make it difficult to decorate or shop for gifts.

Homes always need work, from the simple tasks like light housekeeping to more complex ones. We partner with trained handymen for complex home care needs. Because it covers such a wide range of projects, and requires regular attention, home care falls under the senior concierge umbrella.

You can help your clients when they are at home, and you can also help them with their empty house while they are gone by providing home check to make sure their home is safe and secure.

As seniors become less physically active, their appetite decreases. Many seniors would love a good home cooked meal.

When it becomes necessary for a senior to move from their home into a retirement community, are concierge experts  provide the expertise and experience to coordinate a smooth transition. 

Giving seniors the skills to be confident online can make a huge difference in a senior’s life, as it connects them to the outside world in a far bigger way than just watching TV. Seniors can explore the internet, send and receive e-mails, skype family and friends, write a novel, or use one of the hundreds of free “apps” that help them explore their specialized interests.

Seniors appreciate the ease of having items appear at the front door without the hassles of traffic, weather or waiting in lines. Most pickups and deliveries are routine, like a prescription refill, dry cleaning, groceries, but the possibilities are limited only by their imagination.

Walking, bathing, transporting a pet to the vet or groomer, picking up pet supplies, overnight pet sitting, horse sitting, or just visiting with a pet while the senior is not home are just a few of the services offered.

“Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us to discuss your needs.” Here are the most common services requested by seniors: Banking errands, Car errands, Dry cleaning, General errands such as dropping a book off at the library or purchasing stamps at the post office, Grocery shopping, Personal shopping. Most pharmacies do not deliver, so we can help seniors get their medications also.

Providing safe, reliable transportation for seniors, with a caring driver who can wait for them at doctor visits, or help them get to a store, is always in demand. Some seniors need an escort to get them to social events and church services, hair appointment and to be a companion while there.

Seniors, especially those with limited or no computer skills, often need help planning a trip or booking transportation and rooms.

Repair shops, the car wash or oil change services fall under vehicle services.

Seniors may not have time to wait for the furnace repairman, furniture delivery or the cable guy, cable and satellite TV repairman, internet providers, appliance and computer repairmen.

Home Safety Checklist

As seniors develop issues with balance, mobility and eyesight, it makes them more prone to falls and other potentially life-threatening in-home injuries. We will take a close look at every room in a senior’s home, as well as outdoor areas such as porches and walkways. A concierge caregiver uses a home safety checklist to identify risky areas or items that need attention. The items may be as simple as adding plug-in night lights in hallways, or more complicated modifications, such as grab bars in the shower or tub area or adding an exterior ramp. When the safety survey is completed, the senior is given a Safety Survey Summary that lists any needed modifications. A safety checkup is not a home inspection.

Home Safety Checklist
Moving Assistance - packing and organizing

Moving Services

Our concierge caregivers do more than just organize and pack. We provide emotional support for the senior. After getting acquainted with the senior, the caregiver provides a customized moving plan. The caregiver uses a simple floor plan of the new residence to help determine what furniture will fit. This allows the senior and their family to sort through the remaining furniture and belongings to decide what has value. Then, the surplus items can be sold or donated. We can help with organizing, sorting, downsizing, packing and labeling boxes, supervising the moving company, unpacking and setting up the new residence.

Transportation Services

We can be a big help to seniors who are unable to drive. Many seniors require medical appointments to their doctor, dentist, or physical therapist. Just like the rest of us, non-driving seniors need to go shopping, run errands, get a haircut, visit friends and attend social events. Next to health, transportation is the most important issue for seniors. A transportation concierge caregiver offers a safe way for seniors to easily get around and maintain an active life. All our cars, vans, and SUVs are considered non-emergency medical transportation vehicles so we focus on seniors, who are able to walk, need a walker or wheelchair to get around.

Transportation to daily activities

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